Сarlo Valenti
Creating a commercial video for a Turkish shoe brand to present at an exhibition.
What we did:
Rather than solely showcasing the factory, we focused on the talent and skill of the artisans. The result was a captivating video that captured the brand's expertise and professionalism.
Taste History
Producing a video featuring a head chef preparing a historic Ottoman dish.
What we did:
We were inspired by the rich history of the dish and filmed the entire cooking process at the very location where this culinary legacy originated—the cradle of this culinary history. During post-production, we thoughtfully merged these scenes to create a video that not only presents the dish being made but also highlights its cultural heritage.
Street beat
Offering professional services to Fancy Shot's production team for filming advertisements in Istanbul.
What we did:
We gathered a team of 30 members for filming, selected locations that best captured the spirit and beauty of Istanbul. We coordinated with local authorities, securing all essential permits ahead of the shoot. As a result, we delivered a dynamic and emotionally engaging advertisement.
Producing a promotional video for Akfa, a window manufacturer, dedicated to International Women's Day.
What we did:
Our video immersed viewers in a captivating love story unfolding against windows in diverse locations. This subtle approach allowed us not only to convey the festive mood but also elegantly showcase the wide range of activities of the client company.
Create a promotional video for the Una clothing brand in the most natural colors.
What we did:
To convey a natural and beautiful vibe, we picked a rocky coastline and stuck to natural shades while adjusting the colors. The outcome? A video that reflects natural colors, giving a sense of total harmony with the world around us.
Follow your dreams
Creating a promotional video for the sports nutrition brand Bio Gain.
What we did:
We decided to make an inspiring film featuring a famous world bodybuilding champion, highlighting his philosophy as the core of the story. In the most gripping moments, we seamlessly included the brand's logo, making it memorable for the audience. This boosted brand recognition, leaving a strong impact on viewers.
Creating a video presentation for a yacht.
What we did:
We took a unique approach by using an FPV drone to capture stunning footage. Pairing it with a voice-over, we highlighted the yacht's details and advantages. Our team completed the shoot in just 2 days, producing a video that beautifully showcases the beauty and functionality of the gulet.
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